Yumi Zouma Give Us A Breadth Of Breezy Pop With “In Camera”

“I couldn’t lie for the first time”

Photo: Ryan McCardle & Aidan Koch

Australian quartet Yumi Zouma injects us with breezy and sweet melodic highs with their new single “In Camera.” It’s indie pop that has been funneled through an ethereal lens where synths roar and whistle at the same time. There is a sense of undeniable romanticism within the hissing croons that exude an air of intimacy and confessional tone. Stream below:

“In Camera” is from the band’s upcoming EP III, in which they shared:

“There is something really special about the EP format. It’s been so long since we worked on one that we all had forgotten how fun and liberating they can be. This EP, both in its material and how it was written and recorded, feels really close to EP I & II. Spread again between three countries, bouncing endless revisions of a song until it’s right, falling asleep on FaceTime trying to write lyrics together and the exhilaration of waking up to NEW SONG VERSION 5 – it threw us back to how we worked on material when we thought no one would ever listen. We’ve completed our EP family. It’s the little sibling none of us had growing up and none of us knew we could love so much.”

Produced by Yumi Zouma and mixed by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jacob Portrait, III will be out on September 28th via Cascine label. The four will tour the US in the fall, so go check them out:

10/4 – Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

10/5 – Swedish American Hall (San Francisco, CA, USA)

10/6 – Zebulon (Los Angeles, CA, USA)