Skylar Spence’s “Carousel” Is A Break From Your Workaholism

Nu-disco to help you ace free time

Photo: Daniel Dorsa

We live in a workaholic culture that constantly bombards us to practice mindfulness and gauge our sleep quality with fitbits – but seriously, such ‘self-care’ feels like another chore. NY artist Skylar Spence reminds us that sometimes you simply need to sit back and let your brain loose from all the to-do list in his new single “Carousel.” It’s a nu-disco piece where the jaunty beats emit a childlike charm that takes your mind off of the hectic pace of life. Stream bleow:

The song was largely inspired by Skylar’s trip to Disney World with his girlfriend. The chorus was intended to be cyclical like a ferris wheel or a carousel — at the end of the ride, you end up where you started,” he shared. The song is intended to capture “Those moments when one doesn’t have to abide by a schedule, that allows for relaxation or even exploration, and they usually end up being the best parts of a vacation.”

“Carousel” is from Skylar’s upcoming two-track release, “Carousel / Cry Wolf,” which will be out on September 5th via Carpark Records.