Turn Your Beast Mode On With Tunde Olaniran’s “Mountain”

Beast pop

Photo: Shack Shackelford

Whether you’re working your ass or brain off, Tunde Olaniran’s “Mountain” is your new motivational anthem that will help you get through the hump. The Mississippi-based artist doesn’t sugarcoat it and admits that he has “guilty delusions” just like the rest of us when we’re still in the hamster wheel trying to get to where we want. It’s an adrenaline-boosting hip-hop piece where Tunde almost feels like a life coach telling you to “don’t stop when you’ve gone halfway up the mountain.” Hit play:

“I was in the studio and my friend Seth Anderson said, ‘You can’t just stop halfway up the mountain! You either climb or fall’… I realized that creating music and art was worth some sleepless nights and uncertain times.” explained Tunde, “It’s meant to be a song you can move to, like really fucking sweat to. It’s that song you put on when you’re ready to just go into beast mode.”

Tunde is not really a life coach, but he is a performance artist and activist who is getting ready to release his second album Strange on October 5th via Magic Wheel. He has shows coming up:

9/15 – Middle Waves Music Festival (Fort Wayne, IN, USA)

9/18 – Pyramid Scheme (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

9/20 – Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL, USA)

9/21 – The Back Room @ Colectivo (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

9/29 – University of Michigan Museum of Art (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

11/27 – The Funhouse @ Mr Smalls (Millvale, PA, USA)

11/28 – Mohawk Place (Buffalo, NY, USA)