Geoff Gibbons Captures The Highway Freedom In New Single “Rollin’ Free”

Americana made for road

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Prommotions

Americana artist Geoff Gibbons sways between breezy guitars and bouncy folk with his new single “Rollin’ Free.” Constructed around a jubilant melodic skeleton, “Rollin’ Free” is perfectly nestled in the middle ground between exhilarating riffs and dreamlike atmosphere that speak to our primal desire for freedom. It has a Wild West edginess to it where Geoff uses an arsenal of string tricks and soul elements that yield a hooky and punchy fluidity. Amidst the sweetness of it all, Geoff also admits that life can be sour too but he also claims his control over the negative experiences. “I lost my bottom dollar / On another hard luck scheme / But I made my peace” chants Geoff.

“Rollin’ Free” feels like a getaway track that channels the vast landscape vibe we get to indulge during road trips. It’s also a song about mindfulness (minus the whole Zen thing) where Geoff reminds us that the freedom we search for can be found within ourselves and how we perceive/absorb our environment. As Geoff sings, “Got this morning sweet and free / Got the rhythm of the radio,” he reminds us how he builds his own happiness through the way he views and reacts to his surroundings.

The single is Geoff’s first release since his last year’s critically acclaimed album Buffalo Hotel. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Geoff grew up listening to classic artists such as Cat Stevens and Neil Young. At an early age, Geoff started playing in various bands before getting into music production and songwriting. He has made songs for TV shows including Higher Ground, Just Cause and Robson Arms. Geoff is currently working as producer/engineer and as a solo artist. Make sure you keep up with his work via Facebook and SoundCloud.