When Life Gets Overly Serious, Play warner case & Zak Downtown’s “good time”

Cat-friendly dance song

Photo: Tasha Tongpreecha

You don’t know this, but deep inside warner case is a cat lady who enters the ‘creative flow’ state while hanging around with his feline companions. As someone who stands in the DJ booth at night and makes you dance your ass off, you wouldn’t expect this side of him. But now there is solid sonic evidence. His latest collab with NYC singer Zak Downtown titled “good time” is a song that was born while warner was talking to his cats as if they understood him (yup, more than one cat). And it’s a banger that we can all use to take a break from analyzing or interpreting the meaning of everything and just indulge into the pure joy of dancing:

In regards to the song, warner explained, “I love how the vibe, melody, and lyrics all point to one thing: having a good time, plain and simple. Often in music (and Art in general), we get so entrenched in deep symbolism that we forget to just let loose and write something that feels good and makes us happy. Hopefully others will experience the same thing when listening to it.”

The cat lady has some shows coming up in LA, so make sure to go say hi. Especially on Caturday:

8/23 – Mayfair Hotel (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

8/24 – Mayfair Hotel (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

8/25– Mayfair Hotel (Los Angeles, CA, USA)