Sway Clarke’s “I Thought It Was Love” Will Teach You What You Should Never Do In Life

But you’ll probably do it

Photo: Sway Clarke SoundCloud

If you ever need love advice, then Sway Clarke is the guy whom you should listen – not because he is good at it, but because he is bad at it. You can even tell it from the titles of his previous love-related tracks “Friend Zone” and “Drugs”…he will tell you exactly what not to do. With his latest R&B banger “I Thought It Was Love,” Sway teaches us again what we should never ever do while keeping our booties hooked to the kooky rhythm. Stream below:

“I wrote ‘I Thought It Was Love’ in small coast town at the Ostsee (former East Germany). Definitely the last place I would have imagined finding my sexy, smooth El Debarge voice, but strange things happen when you move to Germany. Inspired by a fiancé gone wrong, it’s a reminder-to-self of what NOT to do in life.” shared Sway.

Originally from Canada, Sway is now based in Berlin where he is songsmithing, living on a schnitzel diet, and making B-/C+ life decisions.