Eighty Ninety’s “Dream” Is The Cheesy Pop That You’ll Be Unapologetically Blasting On-Repeat

Oh cheesus

Photo: Mallory Turner

Listen, it’s hard to make music that is cheesy AND good at the same time – it has to be eyeroll-immune but still give you that emotional kick that scratches your cheesy itch. Brooklyn-based sibling duo, Eighty Ninety, has shared the cheesiest song you’ll ever hear this week: “Dream.” Normally we like to describe the melody, maybe dissect a line or two, and try to sweep any weird shit under the rug. But we won’t. “Dream” is unapologetically starry-eyed, but has an unavoidable catchiness where the duo deliver the right amount of ethereal mood to keep half of your brain grounded and the other one in the clouds. Enjoy:

Comprised of Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James, Eighty Ninety broke into the scene with their viral debut “Three Thirty” that garnered more than 16 million Spotify streams. They are currently working on their sophomore EP, which will be out this fall.