I Am Karate’s “News” Will Take Your Adrenalines Bouncing

Synthpop for jumping

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Swedish duo I Am Karate sends your adrenalines flying like ping pong with their new single “News” – a graceful, jaunty piece that radiates the incessant energy of a Type A person. It’s also a love story and really depends on how the listener wants to interpret it. If you want the love highs or Type A-gasm, this is the track that will keep you in that high mode:

“This song is about someone chasing a dream and the spotlight, but if you take a closer look it’s also a love story. We’ve played ‘News’ live at our latest concerts, and the response has been amazing. We hope that’s an indication that people will like the single!” shared the duo.

Comprised of Erika Soldh Alström and Marta Petterson, I Am Karate formed by a chance encounter in 2014 and have become the latest buzz across the electropop scene with their chart-topping singles “Elevate” and “Bitter.” “News” is out now via the pair’s own label I Am Karate Music.