Bleeker’s “James Dean” Is Rock For Rebels Without A Cause

“I just want to be like James Dean, runnin’ wild, young and free”

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

In our email-saturated and office-slave era, Toronto-based trio Bleeker speaks to our desire for freedom and wildness in their video “James Dean.” Directed by Jeff Scheven (TV On The Radio, Givenchy, Diamond Rings), the video shows people auditioning to be James Dean where they channel their own rebel swagger. Watch below:

“It has a real Americana feel”, singer Taylor Perkins explained, “That was the vibe. Everyone goes through really hard times. Life weighs down on all of us. The chorus is meant to uplift and encourage you to dream a little bit.”

“James Dean” is from the trio’s upcoming EP Problems, which will be out this fall. Comprised of brothers Taylor (vocals) and Cole Perkins (guitar) and Mike Van Dyk (bass), Bleeker broke into the scene with their hit single “Highway” which became #1 in Canada and Top 10 in the US. They are currently gearing towards releasing their new EP, so stay tuned.