Joni Reminisces Simple Days In New Breezy Single “Airy”

Now life is simply complicated

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

LA-based artist Joni sweeps us off with her new breezy single “Airy” where her nostalgic croons and gauze-like melody swell like air balloons within our imaginations. It’s the type of track you’ll be playing as you start wrapping up the last days of summer or need an escape from the mundane complexity of daily life. Stream below:

“I wrote ‘Airy’ with an old friend and producer Pat Howard. We used to both live in Miami and I spent a lot of time floating in his pool and playing music. I think unconsciously, the song ended up being a reminder to hold on to that time in my life when things were uncomplicated and light.” shared the gal.

“Airy” is the follow up of Joni’s debut track “Omens,” which was also produced by Pat Howard and Noise Club. Joni initially started out by making platinum-selling songs for big mainstream artists before embarking as a solo artist. She currently lives in Los Angeles and will be unveiling more of her solo works soon, so stay tuned.