Alpines Captures Urban Flora In New Video “Out Of View”

Flowers and feelings all at once.

Photo: Cyrus Mahboubian

UK duo Alpines gives us a close-up of the hidden flora in the city landscape in their new video “Out Of View” where we see flowers blooming in different times of the year. The contrasting color-popping nature with the more neutral urban landscape makes “Out Of View” a stunning cinematic treat that reminds us to stop and smell the flowers. For a video that was shot on iPhone (not sponsored, but hey Apple! Give them a call), “Out Of View” possesses the aesthetic quality of a studio-level video. Watch below:

“We filmed this video ourselves on iPhone over the course of a year. We filmed hours upon hours of flowers in bloom across different seasons and shot each other in various landscapes, both urban and natural. We wanted to create a juxtaposition of mother nature and the manmade and make a video that really captured how we were feeling about the world right now.” shared the duo.

“Out Of View” is from their upcoming album Full Bloom, which will be out on November 16th. Comprised of Catherine Pockson and Bob Mathews, the duo became their own bosses after their initial deal with a major label ended. They’ve released their highly acclaimed debut album Oasis and Another River independently. Now they’re getting to release their third record this fall and will be playing a show around the same time. Go check them out:

11/15 – Rich Mix (London, UK)