Ben Stiller’s Teenage Punk Band, Capital Punishment, Is Getting Its 1982 Album Reissued

This is news, not a joke…

Photo: Dave Stekert

It’s probably not going to help to say that the current members of the punk band Capital Punishment (the band that Ben Stiller was in when he was a teen) now includes a future state Supreme Court Justic, a professor, and musician/documentarian, but for realz this is not a joke. Capital Punishment released a debut (and only) album titled Roadkill back in 1982 and now the record is getting reissued via Captured Tracks, which will be out on September 14th. Check out “Confusion” below:

Formed back in 1979, Capital Punishment consisted of four odd teenagers who were insane diligent enough to release a completely unsuccessful, uncommercial album. It’s not like they had the intention of becoming the next mainstream band, they just had a mutual interest for hard work and creativity. Also, it was the Dark Ages when SoundCloud didn’t exist and a Wonder Bra ad from a Nordstrom catalog was seen as precious porn treasure.

The record will be available on all formats and can be pre-ordered here.

And listen kids – if it takes more than three decades for your debut album to make any ‘buzz,’ then you should probably consider pursuing a career in politics, acting, academics, and film. It worked out fine for Capital Punishment.