Jonathan Wilson’s New Trippy Video “Trafalgar Square” Is An Enlightening Experience

Enlightenment on acid

Photo: Shelby Duncan

LA-based artist Jonathan Wilson likes to stretch your brain into different directions with his music videos. His latest video “Trafalgar Square” is a trippy kaleidoscopic one that feels like you’re experiencing some enlightenment while being on acid. Not to say how Jonathan’s Jesus hair really amplifies the whole holy aura:

“I’m very pleased to share the video for ‘Trafalgar Square’… This visual feast was created by the mega-talented Kevin Andrews aka Andrewknives, who is an LA-based digital artist that I really admire. We had been using some of his stunning and completely trippy visuals in my live show, and I really wanted to work with him for a video. He agreed, and I figured ‘Trafalgar Square’ would just about be the perfect marriage of the whimsical and surreal music landscape with his tripped to the max visual – the monolithic riff and that Red droptop in the desert. Hope you enjoy it…” shared Jonathan.

Trafalgar Square is Jonathan’s latest album, Rare Birds, which also includes that weird TV teletransportation video “Loving You.” He is currently on his West Coast tour with William Tyler and Amo Amo so go say hi:

9/20 – The Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

9/21 – The Independent (San Francisco, CA, USA)

9/22 – The Independent (San Francisco, CA, USA)

9/24 – Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR, USA)

9/26 – Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA, USA)***SOLD OUT