Benji Lewis Takes Us Into The Deep Layers Of Human Bond In New EP ‘Together Apart’

A hybrid of indietronica and R&B

Artwork by Aeforia & Photo by Sean Pyke

LA-based Aussie artist Benji Lewis takes us deep into the layers of human connection in his new EP Together Apart where he explores the isolation, intimacy, hope, betrayal, and desire that make relationships complicated. At times, Together Apart offers you the starry-eyed emotional refuge that you need with its chest-swelling ambience and romantic choruses. But in other times, it slaps you in the face with raw, unfiltered honesty that reminds you why shit hit the fan in your last relationship. Stream below:

“The title of this EP is about all of us as humans; the people that listen to and connect with my music, myself, my family and my friends. In those times when we are apart, we are still together, and there for each other. That doesn’t go away, and I am super lucky to have some great friends and family that are really there for me. so here are some different stories of love, strength, moving on and also appreciating who is around. Also sneaky moments of hope for new love and what it can be like.” shared Benji Lewis.

Produced by Golden Vessel, Together Apart is available in all streaming platforms.