Estef’s “Come Around” Is A Chilltronic Blend Of Jazz & Soul

For chill people only

Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

Nashville-based artist estef smudges hues of jazz onto the soul canvass with her new single “Come Around” where she boxes us into the best stage of any relationship – the beginning. It has an intricate air to it that channels our internal wrestling in balancing excitement and carefulness. The laidback beats capture the cool, distant air we often use as shield to conceal our emotions where estef’s croons deliver the excitement we all experience within the privacy of our minds. Stream below:

“This song is about initial attraction and the feeling that comes with meeting someone that really excites you,” shared estef. “There’s something so special about being able to narrate the beginning stages of a relationship especially because it’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another.”

Produced by Joe William,s “Come Around” is a taste of what estef has in store for us. While the gal is originally from Los Angeles, she decided to move to Nashville after falling in love with its music scene. She is currently working on new music and has a show coming up soon:

9/7 – The Back Corner (Nashville, TN, USA)