Kimono Loco Made A Synthpop About Growing Pains & It’s Called “Big Boy”

Growing up generally sucks

Photo: The Playground PR

With jaunty beats and aerated choruses, UK quartet Kimono Loco throws a groovy party to our ears with their latest single “Big Boy” where they tap into the painful process of growing up. It’s a playful single, almost a self-mocking one where the four claim their maturity in the most immature way possible – calling themselves ‘big boy.’ If you need a mood kick or neutralize all the serious adulthood crap that is thrown at you, then “Big Boy” is the answer:

“‘Big Boy’ is our most ridiculous track yet, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You can hear much more of the 80s in this EP and that’s something you can expect from us in the future.” shared the band.

Kimono Loco originally started out under the moniker Regions and performed for the first time in a small London pub back in 2014. Since then, the band has made waves across radio stations and garnered much buzz across the indie synthpop scene. “Big Boy” is from their upcoming EP, which they haven’t disclosed any release dates yet. Go ask them:

9/14 – The Spice of Life – Soho (London, UK)