Sophia Danai Channels Her Badassery As Fighter & Artist In “Guns & Gold”

Yes, she can kick your ass

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Aside from kicking your ass, Canadian artist Sophia Danai can also kick your frissons with her trip hop sound that has a warrior-esque vibe to it. Her latest single “Guns & Gold” is an MMA-inspired anthem where Sophia literally embraces the art of persistence as a fighter. Figuratively, Sophia also celebrates being a fighter in the music industry where people constantly break your spirit with NOs. Stream below:

Sophia first broke into the scene back in 2013 with her debut project Wishing Well. Since then, Sophia has gone on writing and recording with a wide array of artists. “Guns & Gold” is from Sophia’s upcoming EP Real Lies, which will be out in March 2019. The gal has a show coming up in October, so go check her out:

10/18 – Adelaide Hall (Toronto, ON, Canada)