Van Bobbi’s “Kickdrum Heartbeat” Is The Rhythm Of Funk, Caffeine & Soul

Meet the mysterious coffee aficionado/music maker

Photo: Courtesy of LPR Agency

LA-based mysterious artist Van Bobbi hooks us up to the groovy rhythm of funk-infused electropical pop with his new single “Kickdrum Heartbeat.” It’s fresh, rejuvenating and has the sparkling jauntiness of a track that is meant to be played at a naked run or parade. The incessant thumping and buoyancy of the track has a fueling effect on you – it’s like melodic coffee:

Not much is known about Van Bobbi except that he probably lives in LA, studied Afro-Cuban drums, has a slight addiction to coffee, loves dried mangos, and coconut lotion. He has a show coming up in a few days, so go feed him some dried mangos:

9/8 – The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA, USA)