Future Jr.’s “Forget About Me” Sums Up Your Type A Love Life

Dating for workaholics can be hard

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR

“Forget about me, you got it wrong / Your friends were right ‘cause I’m just bad news / Maybe you’ll be best to forget about me” chants Future Jr. in his new single “Forget About Me.” The Aussie producer has been making international waves from his bedroom studio in recent months and is ready to flood the radio stations again with another aerated synthpop single that dissects deep into the layers of existentialism. In “Forget About Me” Future Jr. gives us an unfiltered portrayal of what your love life looks like when you’re a type A personality who is driven by your career. Answer is, you voluntarily ask to get ghosted:

“Life is about taking opportunities, stepping through doors and letting life take you on the wild wave it’s calling you on” he explained. “Life is what you make it, and there’s hope amongst tragedy. You’re not defined by your past, while it might hurt for a little bit, there’s always something better around the corner.”

Future Jr. has already broke 3 million Spotify streams with his debut EP and making waves across international radio. “Forget Abut Me” is out now via Pavement Precocity / Kobalt.