Henry Nowhere’s “Good Thing” Is A Hazy Ode To Long-Term Relationships

Lo-fi pop meets acoustics

Photo: @jakugo

Bay Area artist Henry Nowhere injects us with the smooth, chill spirit of California with his latest single “Good Thing” where he uses elements of lo-fi pop and acoustics to create an intimate, meditative soundscape on love. “Good Thing” feels an effortless and easygoing track that captures the natural familiarity people in long-term relationships experience. If you are solo then this is your opportunity to vicariously savor that kind of warmth cus you’ll probably remain single like the rest of us – FOREVER:

“I wrote this song about my relationship with my girlfriend,” Henry shared. “I experimented with putting a lot of acoustic instruments in the arrangement. I played flute, trombone and piano on this cut which I hadn’t done on my other recordings. I have big soft spot for lush arrangements, be it impressionist composers, film scores, or classic jazz/pop arrangement. I have a fantasy of being a Duke Ellington or Henry Mancini type character.”

“Good Thing” is from Henry’s upcoming EP Not Going Back, which will be out on September 14th.