Join The Dark Side Of R&B With midnight’s “Archon Reprise”

“I’m the only real one left”

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

NY-based artist midnight takes us into the dark waters of R&B with his new anti-pop single “Archon Reprise.” Produced by yxlr, “Archon Reprise” is a seductive and visceral track where midnight boxes us into that intimate, rated R moment of lust. Stream below:

“Hip Hop was my first love. The beats, the cadence, the vibe… All music theory and training takes a backseat when I write music. Letting go of technique while trusting my instinct is crucial and nothing taps into my instinct as clearly as a beat playing in the pocket.” shared midnight. “That moment when you inhabit the percussion and your voice exploits the gaps between samples and melodies. Its a symbiotic relationship between artist and production not easily found. As an artist you’re always searching, sometimes you find it, more often than not it eludes you, and sometimes you’re lucky enough to work with other artists of ylxr’s caliber who help to shoulder that burden.”

“Archon Reprise” is out now via Majestic Casual.