Peter Bibby’s “Long Baby” Is A Tragic Monogamy Story Of Birds

No actual birds were harmed

Photo: Peter Bibby – Long Baby (Official Music Video) YouTube

Aussie artist/poet Peter Bibby narrates the tragic, monogamy love story of two birds in his new video “Long Baby.” With folk-infused psychedelic sound, Peter amplifies the surrealistic aspect of the video where we see him dressed in cockatoo surrounded by bizarre visuals. The song is an ode to Peter’s ex’s devotion to sleep. “It is a high energy song about the problems that arose from her extensive slumber: hunger, impatience, anxiety – these are but a few of the afflictions I suffered before knuckling down and penning this tune,” shared Peter.

“I had come up with the basic idea based on how certain birds are monogamous and mate for life and the sad and adorable fact that if one is hit by a car for example the mate will stay with it, hoping for it to miraculously wake up,” shared Bibby. “The costumes were hot and sweaty and the beaks were incredibly uncomfortable, especially after I damaged mine going full ham catching a worm, diving head first into a sand pile. As they say you have to suffer for the art and I’m glad I did as we now have my weirdest video to date.”

“Long Baby” is from Peter’s upcoming second studio album Grand Champion, which will be out on September 28 via Spinning Top Records (Pond, GUM). He has shows coming up next month:

10/4 – Workers Club (Geelong, Australia)

10/5 – The Curtin (Melbourne, Australia)

10/6 – The Waratah Hotel (Hobart, Australia)

10/11 – Rocket Bar (Adelaide, Australia)

10/12 – Badlands (Perth, Australia)

10/13 – Prince of Wales Hotel (Bunbury Wa, Australia)

10/18 – Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane, Australia)

10/19 – The Northern (Byron Bay, Australia)

10/20 – Miami Shark Bar (Gold Coast, Australia)

10/24 – Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle, Australia)

10/25 – The Landsdowne (Sydney, Australia)

10/26 – Strawberry Boogie @ UOW Uni Bar (Wollongong, Australia)

10/28 – Transit Bar (Canberra, Australia)