Cherryade’s “Got You Good” Is The Answer To Your Romantic Misery

Misery loves company

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

London duo Cherryade offers the solution to your romantic misery in their video “Got You Good” where we see vocalist Ella become a fortuneteller and look for answers into the crystal ball. But the answer is actually in the song where the combination of bouncy melody and dump-the-asshole lyrics give you a sense of self-boost. Watch below:

In regards to the track, Ella explained that it was written “for a friend who was making some bad decisions, so it’s a bit of a wakeup call to sort your shit out and realise you deserve better. I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics and have been in similar situations at one point or another.”

“Got You Good” is from the duo’s debut EP Fractured Fairytales, which was released back in August 17th. Comprised of childhood cronies Ella and Alex who met at a Catholic school, Cherryade has been making dance pop music that has become a stir across the press and radio. The duo is currently working on new music, so stay tuned.