Detox Your Anxiety With Skylar Spence’s “Cry Wolf”

Like juice cleanse for your brain

Photo: Daniel Dorsa

NY-based Skylar Spence takes us into the labyrinth of anxiety and self-doubt that we often build in our minds in his new single “Cry Wolf.” Despite the hefty subject, the track exudes a kookiness built on sparkling midtempo where Skylar toys with funk, pop, and disco to created an aerated, contemplative state. The result is a feel-good, detox track that lets you flush out all the anxiety that has been cluttering your mind:

“I felt alone and detached from things that used to make me feel joy,” he explained, “but kind of just allowed myself to wallow in that anxiety and depression instead of reaching out for help. It took me nearly a year to reach the point where I started making changes in my life. This chorus was meant to be kind of a mantra for people who’ve found themselves in my space, where you’ve talked so often about making changes it starts to feel like crying wolf. You can get through it (and appreciate the insight you gained for having gone through it!)”

“Cry Wolf” is the follow up of Skylar’s latest single “Carousel,” which are all out now via Carpark Records. Both tracks are Skylar’s first original release since his critically acclaimed 2015 album Prom King.