Pip Hall’s “Mary” Is For The Young & Broke Souls Out There

“Ripped jeans and shit hair / No money but you don’t care”

Photo: Pip Hall Facebook

In an age where people are obsessed with grammin $20 avocado toasts, it’s refreshing to find a voice that doesn’t give a flying fuck about those things. UK artist Pip Hall embraces the free-spirited and boldness of the unapologetic teenage mindset in her single “Mary” where she chants about being broke, young, and falling in/out of love for the first time. Trimmed with dark undertones, “Mary” exudes an edginess that makes it anti-pop:

In regards to the song, Pip explained that it’s about “being a teenager and not really giving a shit.”

Pip garnered buzz across radio and press with her singles “Ill At Ease” and “Fire.” The gal also released her debut EP James just last year and has already played in some of the biggest festivals in the UK including The Great Escape. “Mary” is from Pip’s debut LP Everything Before, which will be out this fall via My Little Empire Records.