WIINSTON Explores Nocturnal Hermitism In New R&B Single “Substance”

For night loners

If you ever experienced hermit tendencies during the late hours of the night, then you’re not alone. Danish duo WIINSTON nestles us into that strange, comfortable sensation of enjoying loneliness during the vulnerable hours of the night (like 3am-ish) when silence becomes our emotional and mental medicine. Amid the obscure samples and tinkling synths, there is a dark pulse that breathes through you as the vocals of Daniel Richards drive you into a desolate and subtly delirious state of comforting isolation. Stream below:

“It’s those long nights you’d rather spend by yourself cause you feel less alone in complete silence” shared WIINSTON.

WIINSTON are Daniel (songwriter/singer) and Alfred Thomas (songwriter/producer) who have been longtime friends. Known for their previous viral works such as “MIO,” WIINSTON has become the latest R&B buzz across the blogsphere since last year. Keep the duo under your radar by following them on Facebook & Instagram.