Young Yosef Brings Back Studio 54 Disco With “Bruce Lee”

“Bruce Lee is kicking nostalgia in the booty.”

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Berlin-based, Israeli quintet Young Yosef rewinds us back to the 70s with their latest single “Bruce Lee” where they pay homage to Studio 54 disco days. If you’ve been suffering from boogie deficiency lately or simply need to scratch your nostalgia center, then “Bruce Lee” has you hooked up:

“Ironically the song sounds kinda nostalgic and has this weird daydreaming feeling to it but it’s about when someone gets all caught up in the past, reminiscing and stuff and can’t handle the concept of change – Bruce Lee is kicking nostalgia in the booty.” explained the band.

Comprised of E.B Madar (vocals), Daklis (bass), Meanass 08 (guitar), G-goy (keyboards) and Steve Yamin (drums), Young Yosef formed while they were growng up in South East Israel. During their formative years, they experimented with various bedroom recordings and visual arts while crafting their kooky personalities. “Bruce Lee” is a taste of their upcoming debut LP, which they haven’t unveiled a release date yet. Go ask them:

9/6 – Meteor Festival (Hazafon, Israel)