Akine Calls Out BS In “Money In Your Mouth”

Your new anti-bullshit song

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

17-year-old UK singer Akine calls out bullshit rooted from spoiled lifestyle in her new R&B/pop single “Money In Your Mouth” where she mocks the act of self-masturbating your ego by showing off your material possessions. If you ever got stuck with someone who had to fucking tell you how much they spent on their shoes and etc., then this song is perfect for you. Do you know how painful it is to hear shit you absolutely don’t give jackshit about? In such unfortunate circumstances, replay this song in your head and start slowly walking backwards:

“This one is pretty straight forward. I wrote this about guy I was into, even though there was nothing to really like about him” explained Akine. “He was obsessed with showing off his privileged lifestyle, and in this song I say everything I never said to him whilst also attempting to de-glamorize that way of life, as it doesn’t do anything for me.”

“Money In Your Mouth” is from Akine’s debut EP This Don’t Foster Fear, which is out now on Beast Laid Plans Records and you can stream below: