Annabel Lee’s “Go Girl” Is A Middle Finger To Misogyny

Feminist rock

Photo: @jennyjennyjennay

LA-based Annabel Lee gives a shoutout to female power in her new single “Go Girl” – a sparkling rock piece that blends edginess and sugary groove. It’s an anti-misogyny track where Annabel’s crystal-cutting vocals and bursting percussions celebrate feminism in the most rockstar fashion. Stream below:

In regards to her songwriting process, the gal shared, “For me, the writing process is deeply personal. I keep my secrets in there. If you want to get to know me, you will through listening to the songs. I want to make something that you feel in your chest, something that hurts so good, I wanna rip off the metaphorical band-aid for you and speed up the healing process. I want to dance with you and I want it to be unfiltered and ferocious. Something you can drive to, cry to, run to, kiss to, drink to and think to.”

Originally from North Dighton, Annabel has been making waves across the East Coast rock scene and has won various songwriting awards such as John Lennon International Songwriting Competition. She’s currently killing it on Instagram: