Charlene Soraia Taps Into The Loneliness Of Our Connected World In “Where’s My Tribe”

Raw & simple folk

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy PR

In an age where we are connected through technology, we all experience the ironic feeling of loneliness that roots from our desire for belonging. UK artist Charlene Soraia uses raw guitar riffs to create a mellow and emotional soundscape in her single “Where’s My Tribe” where she addresses our innate need for authentic connection. It’s moody but shimmers with a warm intimacy that feels like a comfort blanket. Stream below:

The track is from Charlene’s forthcoming album Where’s My Tribe, which will be out on January 25th, 2019. Having attended the prestigious Brit School (where Adele and Katy B also studied), Charlene broke into the scene with her cover of The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go” for a TV advert. Her cover broke more than 60 million Spotify streams. Now Charlene is getting ready to release her own original songs, so be on the lookout for more folk bangers from the gal.