LOVER Nails The Last Stage Of Your Hot Mess Breakup In “Eagle To The Prey”

There’s the breakup and the hot mess aftermath

Photo: Jayemol

Aussie artist LOVER nestles us into a sophisticated soundscape of intricate electropop splash with hip-hop drums in his new single “Eagle To The Prey.” The song sounds expensive – you know that type of song you’ll expect to hear at a fancy hotel bar or rooftop party? Yup, it is that song. Lyrically though, it digs into the self-saboteur habits we find comfort in during a breakup. It’s a tasteful chill drama:

“Lyrically it explores the loss you feel at the end of a relationship and through that hurt you often turn to forms of escapism (drugs, alcohol) instead of facing the reality of the situation. The metaphor and title of “Eagle To The Prey”, for me at least, captures that feeling of resigning to your fate.” shared LOVER.

Oliver Kirby is the mastermind behind LOVER who draws inspiration from other artists such as Brockhamptom, Jai Paul, Chet Faker, and Gotye. For “Eagle To The Prey,” Kirby spent two months with his cronies Tanssi and Oh Boy working on the track in their home/recording space. The track is out now via Mammal Sounds.