After One Year Of Peer Pressure, KOPS Finally Submits & Releases “Gone”

“I guess heaven is a waste of gold”

Photo: Courtesy of Official Music

Copenhagen-based artist KOPS hit our emotional pressure points with his live video of “Gone” where he not only showed off his vocal muscles, but also built an intimate atmosphere for reflection. It’s been a year since he released the live version and people around him has been pushing him to drop an official version, which he finally has done. Patience does pay off people:

“To me ‘Gone’ symbolizes a turning point in my life. Not only because it was the end of a terrible area in my life, but also because I might never write such a song again” shared KOPS. “A lot of people has been asking for “Gone” for more than a year now. And I have gotten so much great response. It has been truly overwhelming to see that something I created has influenced so many people. I have therefore decided to release a live version today. Enjoy N’ shit ❤❤”

KOPS will be dropping a new single soon (maybe around 21st…maybe), so be on the lookout for it!