Hey Gigantic’s “Fools” Is For All Of Us Who Lost Hope For Humanity

Rock for the hopeless

Photo: Hey Gigantic Facebook

It seems like our hope for humanity in the past two years has plunged to the gutter that some of us have reached a point where moving to Chacachacare (desert island, not as fun as it sounds) looks appealing. London/Essex-based quartet Hey Gigantic restores our hope (at least by 50%) with their new single “Fools” where they remind us to practice realistic optimism and patience amidst the hot mess we now live daily. It’s not a wooey, starry-eyed piece, but one that reinvigorates you with smashing percussions and rock’n’roll punch that helps you vicariously release the stressful hopelessness off your shoulder. Stream below:

Check out the acoustic version below:

“It’s about trying your best to see the positives in society and the world around us, when all we’re being fed is the negatives. Sometimes it’s a fight to retain that feeling of youthful optimism and patience with people as we grow older, but it’s essential we do and keep an open mind” shared vocalist/bassist Patrick Bateman. Just kidding, his real name is Jonathan Bateman.

Hey Gigantic are Bateman, Matt Nicholson (backing vocals/guitar), Jonny Haylock (guitar), and Jon Moon (backing vocals/drums). They’ve been making waves across BBC radio and playlists across the world. The quartet will be releasing more singles soon, so keep them under your radar.