Bad Sports Share New Power Punk Single “Don’t Deserve Love”

The sound of modern punk

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

There’s something therapeutic about Bad Sports’ new single “Don’t Deserve Love.” It’s punk on steroids but utilizes ingredients of progressive rock that gives it a sleek, modern edge. The Texas trio is revamping their sound with this new track where they channel an invigorating and relieving aggression that feels like medicine to our souls. Stream below:

“Don’t Deserve Love” is from the trio’s upcoming fourth album, which will be out on October 29th via Dirtnap Records. Comprised of Orville Neeley (guitars/vocals), Daniel Fried (bass/vocals) and Gregory Rutherford (drums), Bad Sports have been a band for more than a decade. With their new record, this Texas trio is revolutionizing their sound as well as pushing the boundaries of modern punk. You can catch them live next month in Atlanta:

10/26-28 – Atlanta Mess-Around 2018 (Atlanta, GA, USA)