STIIR Give Us A Taste Of Breakup Freedom In “Free Yourself”

Guitar pop for the soon-to-be-single

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

London-based quartet STIIR makes guitar pop that feeds you with glimmering funk and buoyant sensation with their indie sound. Their debut single “Free Yourself” exudes a freefrom fluidity that is hard to resist. With its shimmering chords, the track exhibits the edginess of indie rock but drenches you with the breeziness of laidback pop:

According to the band, the track is about the “inevitable expiration of a relationship” and the freedom that comes with it.

Drawing from jazz and soul influences, STIIR makes refreshing indie pop that is stylishly modern and introspective These North Londoners is working on more new music, so stay tuned.