Swimm Channel Their *Healthy* Obsession With RiRi In “Uh Huh”

From their debut LP ‘Sentimental Porno’

Photo: Darin Back

LA trio, Swimm takes us on a psychedelic journey into their supposedly healthy obsession with Rihanna in their new video “Uh Huh.” Taken from their debut LP Sentimental Porno, which was released back in June, the video features the members of the band in a bizarre party (that looks like it could even be a cult ritual) where vocalist Chris pays homage to Rihanna. The track is a bouncy psychedelic piece that is made up of chopped euphoric beats and electrifying choruses. Watch below:

In regards to the video, Chris Hess explained, “Maybe it was the framed picture of Rihanna on top of my fridge, the picture of her as my backdrop for my phone or the countless posts I make on Instagram, but director Laura Houlberg thought it was necessary for me to play the guitar solo to a shrine of RiRi. Which I did not argue against. We set up an amalgamation of weird activities for people to do to reflect the light-hearted nature of the song and followed a loose narrative of me finding love at a party only to leave her behind for my one true love, Miss Fenty herself, of course. I had no problem in acting that part. Losing interest in almost anything for my healthy obsession is second nature at this point.”

SWIMM will be hitting Florida this month, so go check them out:

9/12 – Voltaire (West Palm Beach, FL, USA)

9/13 – The Social (Orlando, FL, USA)

9/14 – Harbor Tavern (Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA)

9/15 – Monkey Bar (Indialantic, FL, USA)

11/29 – Bootleg Theater (Los Angeles, CA, USA)