Van Bobbi’s New Single “Appetite” Is A Synthpop Delicacy

Meant to be savored on-repeat

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

Coffee fiend/songsmith Van Bobbi is delivering another synthpop treat titled “Appetite,” a serotonin-fueling single that delivers sizzling beats and groovy fluidity that you can’t help but fully dive into it. It’s got some splash of R&B, funk, and Afro-beat elements to it that makes it a journey more than just your basic synthpop single. Which makes sense, cus by no means Van Bobbi is basic – he takes 2-3 baths a day and can say “Hello how are you?” in 26 languages:

We don’t know Van Bobbi’s real legal name, but if ‘Van Bobbi’ turns out to be his birth name, then kudos to his parents for being the raddest people. But if not, then kudos to him for coming up with such a rad moniker. Although Van Bobbi is originally from San Francisco, he is now residing in LA where he is currently living on a dried mango diet. Yup, that’s right folks. Forget paleo, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and avocado cleanse cus dried mango diet is the new shit.