Boy Bjorn Redefines His Relationship With Anxiety In “Now I’m Running”

Surreal rock

Photo: Kate Holl

There’s something insomniac about Boy Bjorn’s newest single “Now I’m Running” where the Nashville artist takes us through the process of coming into terms with his anxiety. It reminds you of those late, sleepless nights where you’re isolated with your own thoughts that start hazing your sanity. In “Now I’m Running” Boy Bjorn keeps you afloat into the grey zone of wrestling with your own fears and desire to break free. Stream below:

“I wrote it as an olive branch to others who have suffered or suffer” he shared, “I needed that insight when I was in the worst of it. I needed to know that others couldn’t control it as well, that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I needed to learn that every day was a step towards healing. It’s ultimately a celebration of the scars it left me with. That I wouldn’t give up my experience for softer skin.”

The track is from Boy Bjorn’s debut LP Mistaken Animals, which will be out on October 12th. He has a festival coming up:

10/13 – Underwater Sunshine Festival (New York City, NY, USA)