JVLY Taps Into The Guilty Pleasure Of Wrong Decisions In “milk&honey” Ft. Una Mey

“The more it’s wrong, the more you want it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds Records

Aussie producer JVLY teams up with Canadian artist Una Mey in this slow-burning, R&B single “milk&honey” where they navigate us through our desire for wanting the wrong things. Whether it’s something/someone, once you get fixated on something you can’t have, it becomes far more desirable. Stream below:

“milk&honey” is the byproduct of JVLY’s creative block, which lasted a long time. For about two months I had an absolute block, I couldn’t finish anything. I had all of these half ideas coming along, but I just felt they were going nowhere. When that happens, you start to doubt whether you’ll be able to write another song. I just completely stopped trying and left it for a while, then all of a sudden, the ideas started flowing back. It was the first time I felt a proper block, but I felt super inspired after it for some strange reason.” shared JVLY.

In regards to the meaning of the song, Una explained, “This song is about an infatuation where you want what you can’t have. The more it’s wrong, the more you want it. You know things wouldn’t work out, so instead you let yourself soak in this unrealistic fantasy state.”

The track is out everywhere via Mammal Sounds Records.