Kelsy Karter’s “God Knows I’ve Tried” Is Rock For Antiheroes

Gritty, unapologetic, badass.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

New Zealand-born, LA-based rock gal Kelsy Karter embraces her anti spirit in her new gritty rock banger “God Knows I’ve Tried.” Taking off with a soft, piano-powered downtempo, “God Knows I’ve Tried” is a personal anecdote of an antihero who has tried to conform to the norms of society. Halfway in the track, Kelsey demolishes the notion of norm with bursting percussions and cutting choruses where she celebrates being anti-basic. Stream below:

In regards to the track, Kelsy explained, “this song is for all the kids that aren’t perfect, the ones that go left when everyone else goes ‘right.’ The ones that are only truly themselves when face-to-face with trouble. We are the kids with a deep desire to be bold and ridiculous most all of the time, and whether authority wants to believe it or not, we are the ones that make up all of your heroes. I have tried to meet the standards of what others call “good” or even “normal”, but I can’t keep up and I’m done pretending that I can. Evidence shows that maybe it’s just not my path. I’ve broken most rules and paid dearly for it, but doing bad things doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you an interesting one.”

Kelsy grew up listening to Queen, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, which you can tell from her sound. And now, let’s address the elephant in the room: she looks like a clone of Angelina Jolie that we might even start a conspiracy theory on Reddit.