Race Banyon’s “Move With Us” Is Dance Music For The Children Of Internet

Internet made him dance

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel

New Zealand-born, LA-based artist Race Banyon captures the dance spirit of the children of Internet in his new single “Move With Us” – a synth-padded, glistening piece that moves through your skin with cathartic bursts. Built with adhesive hooks and loops, “Move With Us” is a treat to your ears and booty:

“There was no real dance music culture in NZ as I was growing up, outside of some summer festivals,” Johnston explained. “Most of the clubs leftover from the 90s/early 2000s were closing down long before I was 18. This meant that my introduction to electronic music was devoid of a real ‘scene’. It wasn’t techno or garage or anything, it was everything combined into one. I would DJ after rock bands, playing pop vocal tracks over house beats, to keep crowds interested!”

Eddie Johnston is the mastermind behind Race Banyon, who is also known for his critically acclaimed project Lontalius, which he describes it as a more “personal, honest, sad songs with guitar and piano.” With Race Banyon, Johnston has already released collab tracks with Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Dahi, and Kenzie May as part of Red Bull’s SoundSelect program. His latest single, “Move With Us,” is from his upcoming EP, which he hasn’t unveiled any release dates yet. Stay tuned.