Anemone’s “Daffodils” Is A Trip To Celestial Desert

Psyche-pop with a dreamier twist

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Montreal band Anemone takes us into the deep vastness of a desert landscape in their new video “Daffodils.” Dressed in white, Anemone blends with the blankness of the sand, which evokes a mystical and almost angelical image. Contrary to negative notions of loneliness, Anemone showcases the rare freedom we find within the isolation and emptiness of nature. Watch below:

In regards to the video, Alemone’s Chloé Soldevila (who also directed the video) explained, “Wide and magical open spaces are so powerful to me. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to capture the song’s video. Driving into White Sands’ natural park was one of the most empowering experiences to us. We had so much fun walking and running endlessly with our eyes wide open, full of admiration. After a while we decided impulsively to set up our gear which we had in the van and we started to play. We felt so alone in the world, playing for the sky and suddenly tons of people enjoying the park started driving in to enjoy the performance… it was so special, until eventually the park security kindly kicked us out!”

Anemone is currently working on a new album and will be hitting the road next month. Go check them out:

North America 2018

10/18 – Halifax POP Explosion Festival (Halifax, CA, USA)

11/9 – Public Arts (New York, NY, USA)

Europe 2018

10/24 – Monarch (Berlin, Germany)

10/25 – Botanique-Witloof Bar (Brussels, Belgium)

10/26 – London Calling Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

10/29 – The Shacklewell Arms (London, UK)

10/30 – The Castle (Manchester, UK)

10/31 – Pitchfork Music Festival (Paris, France)