Take A Break From The Daily Apocalypse With Alpines’ “Alright”

Dark pop for the doomed generation

Photo: Cyrus Mahboubian

London duo Alpines makes chest-swelling soundscapes that capture the broodiness and hope we live in this chaotic era with their sound. Their latest single, “Alright,” is an anthem to the doomed generation (aka you) who is constantly haunted by social media, global warming, and everything pre-apocalyptic that has been inherited from the baby boomers. It’s important to be aware of those issues and make changes, but it’s also important to maintain some level of sanity by taking a break…like eating an avocado toast. Yup, this is avocado toast in melodic form:

“It is written for our generation” the duo explained. “We all need a reminder and reassurance that it is going to be ok. No one can do this alone. We now live in a world where we have constant awareness and it’s very hard to get relief away from social media and societal pressures. On top of this our generation has to carry the very real burden that the world is suffering under climate crisis.”

“Alright” is from Alpines’ third album Full Bloom, which will be out on November 16th. The duo will also play a show in London that month, so catch them live:

11/15 – Rich Mix (London, UK)