Mah-Ze-Tar Brings Indian Raga In Trance Form With “Liquid Lotus”

Mystical indietronic ambience

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Californian artist Mah-Ze-Tar pushes the boundaries of indietronica with his sound by incorporating different cultural element to it, yielding a soundscape where traditional meets modern. In his latest single In his latest single “Liquid Lotus,” Mah-Ze-Tar blends elements of indietronic trance with raga – classical Indian music genre – where he builds a moody and mystical atmosphere that feels cinematic. It’s a gorgeous soundscape where the lilting sitar (traditional Indian instrument, see the photo above) and cascading synths yield a textural grandiosity that takes you to a fantastical trip. Directed by Charles Byerly, the video was shot in Santa Barbara and features Mah-Ze-Tar dressed in blue traditional clothes playing his sitar. Watch below:

“Liquid Lotus” is from Mah-Ze-Tar’s upcoming debut album, which will be out this fall and consists of Indian raga with modern twist. Mar Karandish is the mastermind behind Mah-Ze-Tar, who started the project in 2015. Maz has been studying music at a young age and draws influences from various cultural music genres such as Persian, Indian, Turkish, and many more. He also incorporates unexpected elements into his indietronic palette such as jazz and opera.

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