Michael P Cullen’s “Do You Believe” (La Defense Remix) Is A Haunting Trip Hop Journey

A visceral, slo-mo trip

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Aussie artist Michael P Cullen has dropped La Defense remix of his gothic introspective track “Do You Believe.” The new version still exudes the skin-crawling suspense and requiem vibe of the original, but takes on a trip hop trajectory with a more laidback pace. It’s an exquisite and rare remix where gothic Americana meets modern indietronica, which amplifies the luring doom aspect of the track. In this invigorating version, Michael’s own battle with his beliefs comes into a concise focus as the slower pace and sharper melody tones down the original air of mysticism. Enjoy below:

The original version (which was produced by Michael and Tim Powles) is a far hazier and obscure trip where Michael blends elements of dreamy pop and gothic rock to construct a meditative soundscape. The video, directed by Graham Hall and Fabrice Mathieu, follows a woman in a subway who is wrestling with her own existential thoughts. Watch below:

Based in Sydney, Michael is known for his dark and gothic sound in the Americana scene. You can follow him SoundCloud and Facebook.