Selma Judith’s “Kind Of Lonely” Is For Your Kind Of Complicated Relationships

Woozy & naked vulnerability

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Copenhagen-based artist Selma Judith takes us into a bittersweet journey of dazed emotions with her new single “Kind Of Lonely” where she dives into a complicated relationship. It’s the type of song that is warm by capturing the cold loneliness we often experience with someone who isn’t emotionally stable. With her glaring voice, Selma takes you into an intimate R&B soundscape where she exposes the emotional strengths and stubbornness we have in clinging to a frail relationship:

In regards to the track, Selma explained, “Sometimes you love someone ‘despite of…’, instead of ‘because of…’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the emotions we feel for the person are any weaker – it can be quite the contrary. This kind of relationship can reach wuthering heights, but although the view might be grand and beautiful, the fall is further down. The thin air up in these clouds is addictive, but in the long run, it can really damage you.”

Selma is not just a singer, but also a talented harpist who has worked with MØ and Danish producer Vera. “Kind Of Lonely” is from her upcoming EP, which she will be revealing more details soon.