WeatheredMan & Danii Roundtree Toys With Rock & Jazz In “Too Much To Say I Love You”

Sassy and classic

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

UK artist WeatheredMan teams up with Atlanta artist Danii Roundtree in their new collaborative single “Too Much To Say I Love You.” It’s the type of sound that you’ll expect to hear when a rocker and jazz artist decide to hybridize their creativity that yield a sweet, vintage sound. Built on garage rock arrangements and jaunty jazz, “Too Much To Say I Love You” has a rococo aestheticism to it that embodies an ambitious mixture of raw edginess and intricate elegance. The vocal dynamic between both artists capture lovesickness from both ends of the spectrum – it feels like listening to two love songs in one. The video has the retro cinematic aestheticism of 90s home video that channel a familiar intimacy and nostalgia. Watch below:

WeatheredMan is the solo project of Simon Bradshaw, who is also the mastermind behind modern mariachi Roja. Based in Leeds, UK, Simon is a seasoned musician who has already played in various bands and projects. Nominated for “Best UK Solo Act 2018” by Pure M Magazine (along with other artists such as Zayne Malik, Kate Tempest, Adam Ant, and Gaz Coombes), WeatheredMan is quickly becoming one of the most promising acts in UK’s alternative rock scene. “Too Much To Say I Love You” is from C-30 Duets Vol. 1 EP, which you can check out below:

Danii Roundtree is a former Miss New York who has built a solid fanbase in the jazz scene. She will be playing several shows in support of the release of her debut album Memoirs this year.

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