Josh The Cat Becomes An Underwater Wizard In “I’ll Remember You”

Funky, psychedelic, steamy

Photo: Courtesy of This Much Talent

Melbourne artist Josh The Cat becomes an underwater wizard in his new video “I’ll Remember You” where we see him suspended in dark, shimmering water that looks like he’s channeling his own aura…or experiencing some form of funky and steamy enlightenment. It’s implicitly sexual where you see glimpses of his flesh amidst the mystical visuals. The track is a funky dance piece that channels the rhythmic air of 90s pop and shades of underground disco. Directed by Kyle Wilson and Josh, it’s a fluid trip into the funk waters:

In regards to the video, Josh shared, “Kyle and I were looking at a lot of videos by Outkast, David Bowie, TLC, Tears For Fears, MJ and more to gather inspiration for ‘I’ll Remember You’ and I admitted my fear that I couldn’t bring what those artists bring as I’m a fairly camera shy person. He suggested that we embrace that, even exaggerate this sense that I’m a little cautious, quirky and maybe even awkward. So I got a few friends to come over and they just got completely naked and started dancing around for the camera – completely opposing my inhibitions. We got some great footage but had to edit it to keep it G rated (obviously). Then Kyle went away to create the psychedelic masterpiece that it ended up becoming. I got an email asking if I was ‘cool with being a sort of underwater facemelting wizard’ and I’m glad I forgot to write back because seeing the video now I can definitely say that I am very happy.”

Josh will be playing a few shows to celebrate the release of his latest single, so catch him live:

9/25 – The Gaso Upstairs (Melbourne, Australia)

10/10 – The FolkSwagon (Sydney, Australia)****FREE ENTRY