AVEC Taps Into The Self-Battling/Empowering Nature Of Honesty In “Under Water”

Honesty is scary

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Austrian artist AVEC explores the dark forests and inner monsters we often need to face in quest for honesty in her new video “Under Water.” It’s a self-empowering anthem that also captures the fearful inner battle we often put up with when we need to abandon our passive aggressive or implicit shells to come into terms with reality. The mantric choruses “Let go…Let go…” sums up the simple yet uneasy inner tape our minds play when it’s time to face the truth:

“I think the song ‘Under Water’ is the most honest one I’ve ever written so far. The line ‘breathing underwater’ perfectly describes the pain and the struggle of being honest with yourself and being honest with everybody else. It hurts, and you might hurt people by being honest, but it’s the only way to keep on going; to get through whatever you’re dealing with – be honest, stay honest and be true to yourself, otherwise those feelings and thoughts will eat up your mind!” shared AVEC.

AVEC is currently on her Heaven / Hell Tour, so go see her: