Emerson Leif’s “Twenty2” Is A Sweet Goodbye To Summer

Nocturnal indietronica

Photo: Sean Pyke

Aussie artist Emerson Leif dexterously manipulates the dark silence and raw R&B smokiness to construct a reflective and nostalgic nocturnal jam “Twenty2” that captures the bliss of summertime. Although there is an easygoing and pleasant vibe to it, you can’t overlook the moody undertones that are embedded within the melodic texture. While Emerson boxes you into a specific blissful moment, you can’t help but think where those summer nights went. Stream below:

“‘Twenty2’ is a feel-good, care-free reflection of a cool summer’s night out, capturing a moment in time during that night, ’twenty2 minutes to midnight’. It’s also a small milestone for me as an artist. I have worked on a number of collaborative releases over the previous year, and Twenty2 is the first of many solo releases that I have in the works.“ explained Emerson Leif.

The track is now available everywhere.